Active Power Filter APF Excellent Sealing Interleaving Control

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: OEM/ODM
Model Number: APF
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 10000-100000$
Packaging Details: woodern package
Delivery Time: 2-3 weeks
Payment Terms: T/T
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APF Active Power Filter


excellent sealing APF Active Power Filter


interleaving control Harmonic Filter

Product Description

Introduction to Modular Power Quality Regulators
Our modular power quality products include: Static Var Generators (SVGs), Advanced SVGs (ASVGs) and Active Power Filters (APFs). They have features such as high power density, enhanced reliability, optimized performance, high utilization and unique designs. For use in different application scenarios, there are three way to install them: drawer style, wall-mounted style and upright style.

Main Features of Modular Power Quality Regulators

Our modular power quality regulators:

  • Are compact, with a maximum size of only 0.05m³, have a high power density, and apply to a variety of scenarios. In practice, they are more applicable to places where limited space poses a stringent requirement on the ground they could cover, as well as power distribution upgrading projects.
  • Employ the same design concepts as industry-grade products, and therefore, highly adaptable to the environment.
  • Furnish the module control layer with a board compartment that reaches a dust-proof rating of IP6X and has withstood the nationally recognized third-party lab testing.
  • Apply an interleaving control manner at the output end. This reduces at least 40% of global ripple current.
  • Support a dynamic response at ms level, with a global response time less than 2ms. Therefore, they can accurately track how transient current changes in the power grid and prevent over-compensation and under-compensation.
  • Employ an industry-leading redundant design based on Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs). As a result, failure in one line will not affect the proper running of the system.
  • Allow devices to detach from the power grid in case of a breakdown, with no port capacitors remain connected to the grid, thus preventing any negative impact on the harmonic oscillator and capacitive reactive power of the grid.
  • Support a CT connecting at the power supply side or the load side, which you can adjust according to on-site requirements.
  • Have a fast and thorough fault self-diagnosis function, which can be intelligently adjusted based on actual operating conditions and states.
  • Make it easier to maintain by using separately removable parts such as bus capacitor and fan.
  • Support a smart algorithm, which automatically adjusts the compensation proportion based on real-time changes in reactive current and harmonic current, and also supports flexibly setting a compensation goal, in order to optimize your business objective.
  • Support smart sleep in which two parallel systems apply a polling mechanism to allocate an average worktime for each module under a light load condition, thus extending module lifetime.
  • Have passed the CE certification and conform to EN 62477-1: 2012+A11-2014+A1-2017 standard;

Each of our products has the following compensation feature:

  • An APF supports a wider range of compensation, that is, instantaneous 2nd - 51st harmonic compensation;
  • An ASVG supports 2nd - 23rd harmonic compensation. You can set harmonic compensation capacity and reactive compensation capacity globally.
  • An SVG supports global, instantaneous compensation for inductive reactive power and capacitive reactive power, and meanwhile, solves the three phase unbalance problem.
Enhanced Reliability & Performance
Industry-first dust-proof module at the control layer: The control section is separated from the power section. The control layer applies a fully closed dust-proof design, with no vent holes at two sides, front and back, thus obtaining an excellent sealing; while at the air cooling layer, critical power units are cooled by the power layer, thus achieving a superior device cooling performance. In addition, the control layer reaches a protection class of IP6X and has withstood the third-party lab testing. This isolates the control section from being polluted by the outer world. Besides, we employ an industry-grade hardware design, which further improves security and reliability.

Active Power Filter (APF)

Active Power Filter (APF)
Active Power Filter (APF)
At the dust-proof certification test After the dust-proof certification test
Use of a separate control scheme for each IGBT, which is much more reliable because: each IGBT is equipped with a set of drives and a hall element, and in the case that the IGBT on one side fails, the device still could offer 50% of the rated output capacity.
Active Power Filter (APF)

Providing a soft-start relay and resistor between a filter capacitor and the power grid, to ensure that when a device fails, the filter capacitor breaks away from the grid, without posing any secondary impact on the grid.
Active Power Filter (APF)
  • Quicker response: Use of a Second-Order Generalized Integration (SOGI) algorithm achieves a global response time of less than 2ms, making it possible to accurately tract how harmonic content and reactive content change in the power grid and prevent over-compensation and under-compensation.
Active Power Filter (APF)
Active Power Filter (APF)

In the response test of a sudden load rise, the oscillometer record shows that the global response time on the display is 1.36ms.
In the response test of a sudden load drop, the oscillometer record shows that the global response time on the display is 1.96ms.
  • Advanced harmonic suppression technology: Quickly suppresses the harmonic state in less than 1s after a device detects that harmonic current is inevitable in the power grid, making sure that the device will not be turned off entirely so that it can go on performing compensation for the system.
Active Power Filter (APF)
  • Low ripple output: An interleaving-based low-ripple control technology achieves a smooth waveform even for a 60th harmonic output.
Active Power Filter (APF)

Modular APF/ASVG/SVG Model

Active Power Filter (APF)
APF Model for Quick Selection
Transformer Capacity (kVA) APF Capacity (3-Phase 3-Wire) APF Capacity (3-Phase 4-Wire)
1000 200A 300A
1250 300A 400A
1600 400A 500A
Remarks 1. For use in harsh environment, we recommend industry-specific cabinet-style products;
2. For use in scenarios where harmonic current and reactive current are excessively large, configure our products based on actual calculation or in-site test data.

Modular APF Parameters
Model APF 20A APF 35A APF 50A APF 100A APF 125A APF 150A
System Parameters
Grid voltage 400V (-40% - +20%)
Grid frequency 50 Hz/60Hz (±10%)
Pieces to be integrated No limit
Global efficiency Up to 98%
Wiring mode 3-phase 3-wire/3-phase 4-wire
Heat loss <2%
CT 150/5 - 10000/5
Connection mode Back connection/Top connection
Air in/out Front to back/Top to bottom
Performance Indicators
Response time <2ms
Harmonic compensation order 2 - 51
Cooling mode Intelligent air cooling
Noise indicator <58dB
Fixing mode Drawer style, wall-mounted style and upright style
(W*D*H mm)
Drawer style: 442*485*90
Drawer style: 500*590*150
Upright: 170*525*590
Drawer style: 500*590*170
Wall-mounted: 505*195*640
Upright: 170*525*590
Net weight 20kg 35kg 45kg
Environment Parameters
Altitude ≤2000m, 2000m - 4000m de-rating
Operating temperature -10ºC - +50ºC (>40ºC, use upon de-rating)
Relative humidity 5% - 95%, non-condensing

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