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Voltage Stabilizer - an Unsung Hero of Modern Society

December 4, 2015

Voltage Stabilizer - an Unsung Hero of Modern Society


As a society, we heavily rely on technology, we use it to communicate, commute, manufacture, and to maintain good health. Since none of this would be possible without electrical current, it is safe to assume we would barely last for a month without it. We often hear “thank god for the internet” or something similar, but there is a device we rarely mention. It’s called voltage stabilizer, and without it a lot of things we see today would not be possible. The voltage stabilizer is more of a middle-man than a direct contributor to the achievements of modern society, which is why it is usually neglected. Here are some applications for voltage stabilizers you might not know about.


Broadcast & Telecom 

Without voltage stabilizers the broadcast and telecommunication equipment would likely malfunction. A voltage stabilizer provides a stable voltage to air condition units that are used to cool off the equipment, which results in greater efficiency and longer life span of the equipment in general.   


Thanks to X-ray, MRI, CT etc. the doctors are able to efficiently identify the problems, prescribe the adequate therapy, know the exact area that needs immediate attention etc. Well, if these devices are to function properly, they need to rely on voltage stabilizers. A great deal of stabilizers are suited to cover power requirements that range from 1KVA to 5000KV. Moreover, they have an integrated isolation transformer, which eliminates electrical noise and transients that are usually responsible for causing “artifacts” in digital image. These artifacts are likely to lead to a wrong diagnosis.

Even though medical equipment can function without a voltage stabilizer, it is still recommended to have one in order to obtain correct power conditioning.  In many instances when this equipment malfunctions, it is due to an unstable main power supply.  

Datacentres, Elevators, Offices

UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is not the only piece of equipment data centres use to preserve their gadgets. Even though voltage stabilizers do not replace a UPS, they have various applications within data centres. In the event of severing voltage fluctuations, a voltage stabilizer is used to prolong high and low voltage range, which means that the requirement for a UPS battery is delayed. This is extremely useful if data centres are experiencing constant voltage problems, and it also preserves the battery within UPS.    

Elevators are used on an everyday basis, and as they constantly go up and down, a voltage pulsation occurs. With on and off load and constant voltage pulses, elevators warrant the use of voltage stabilizers, otherwise they are likely to get stuck, which is an inconvenient experience to say the least.

Every big office is filled with expensive equipment like PCs, scanners, printers, HVAC units, etc. Without a voltage stabilizers, every piece of equipment is exposed to a greater risk, since these devices are really sensitive to power fluctuation. Voltage stabilizers can save you a lot of money in the long run, since they preserve the longevity of  all those expensive office utilities. When you think about it, voltage stabilizers are real lifesavers.